Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Girls Hair Styles

I have two adorable little girls whom I'm completely OBSESSED with!  Just to tell you a little about myself, I am the oldest and ONLY girl in my family.  Growing up with four younger brothers was not exactly a princess fairytale.  There are many times I long for a sister, especially the moment when I see other sisters shopping, crafting, taking their kids to the park etc.  So for me to have two little girls is like being in heaven!  Yes I'm aware my opinion will most likely change as the teenage years begin, but for now, I love it!  I came across a couple of websites showing amazing hair styles for little girls and I have completely become addicted!  Unfortunately, my girls were both born without much hair, so it's taken FOREVER to get to the point were I can actually do something cute with my oldest hair.  Sadly, my youngest straggly hair looks a lot like Einsteins at the moment!  Poor girl is so bald on top, I can't even do a cute little ponytail on top without her looking like she has a receding hairline!  But yes, my oldest finally has enough hair to play with, and play with I do!  I found these photos on The Story Of A Princess And Her Hair, and I just had to try it out!  I was wishing I'd seen it for Valentines Day, but I didn't, so I decided Mothers Day would be a great day to do this wonderful style!
  My daughter LOVES this!  She has since asked for hearts in her hair several times!

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