Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blitz Card Holder

I recently started my own business with a company called It Works!  (Check out my BLOG for information).  They have these amazing cards called blitz card, which are used like business cards.  They are ruffly the size of post cards, and I was having a little trouble from keeping them from getting bent up in my purse. So I came up with a bliz card holder!  I love it and had to share!  I wouldn't mind dazzling it up a bit more, but for now it suits my needs!  I thought I'd share my quick tutorial for those in the same business or maybe wanting to use it for something else.  

First I found a mini coupon file at Wal-Mart for about a $1

They have tabs inside, so I removed them.  They tare right out and takes only a few seconds to do it!

I didn't like the accordion sides, so I removed them!

Here's what it looks like after cutting of the extra unneeded plastic.

Then I glued the sides together with a hot glue gun.  Not sure if there's something that might work better, it's just what I happened to have on hand.

 I wasn't too fond of how the sides looked, so I covered them with some ribbon I had on hand.  Once again, I just used my hot glue gun.  It's not exactly gorgeous, but it looks better then before in my opinion.

 I purchased the green coupon holder at Dollar Tree, but it was just a tad bit smaller then the one from Wal-Mart, making it a tight fit on the top.  But I loved the look of the green one SO much better!  I decided to add a little more room at the top by taking off the elastic, and using velcro instead.  I find it makes it more convent then the elastic as well!

 I added some black ribbon to cover up my messy sides. 

There you have it!  A great business card holder for the large size cards! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Room Makeover Giveaway


Vintage Revivals is doing their AMAZING room make over and I debated whether or not to enter.  Not because I don't want it, believe me, I SOOOOO do! But because I think my chances of winner are very slim, not because my room wouldn't qualify, but because it's seems more based on popularity then the dire need of help with your space.  And lets face it, I suffer from an extreme case of shyness and am overly self-conscious, which tends to hinder my friend making abilities which leads to not very many friends, in the blogging world or otherwise!  But regardless of my limited chances of winning, I decided I had zero chance of winning if I didn't enter at all, so here I am giving it a try!


So I'll share with you my despicable office/craft room/storage room!  Why don't I let you take a look around first before I get on to the story of how this came to be! 

Come on in!

  This sad mess is what you see when you first open the door to this insane room!  Oh please don't turn around and shut the door just yet, I'm just getting started!

 Don't you just love our desk!  What's that, you want to know what it's made out of?  I don't think you can handle the truth!

Alright, you asked for it!

Yep it's a DOOR!  A closet door to be exact!  When we moved into our small apartment the closet doors in the bedrooms took up WAY to much space!  So We took them off.  Rather then have them against the wall in this same space, we put them to use since we obviously don't have a much needed desk!  So I propped the little sucker up on top of three dinner tray tables threw on an old bed sheet to keep it safe from the three kids I have and whoala!  A large desk for both my working from home husband and my digital scrapbooking self freak!

This is what sits next to my husband while he works, a little princess horse!  Every mans dream I'm sure!  And yes, the closet you can't get to is also full, with all my house decorations I have yet to put up because I wanted to repaint first (obviously hasn't happened yet).

Oh, and don't forget the crazy large filing cabinet piled around by books lacking an appropriate bookshelf!

What's behind my hard working hubby?  That would be everything that makes me, well ME! (Minus the unorganized aspects of it, which is driving me to insanity!)

Here we have the OTHER closet door!  This time set on top of some craft trays my mom was kind enough to give me. All of my craftiness is piled onto one side of the room!  So how much crafting do I get done?  Notta! Zilch!  I started this blog in hopes of having a fun little place to share my creations, but as you can tell, I have not gotten very far!  And now with everything piled against the wall, there are no crafts getting done and my head is piling up as high as my room with ideas and things I want to create!   

There you have it, my mess of a room, hard to believe there's even a room underneath all that unorganized junk! Now how did this all come about?  Well let me tell you!

It's pretty much the same story you hear over and over these days, MONEY!  I don't have it!  There was time in our lives where we had to count pocket change just to buy a loaf of bread!  I'll spare you the novel long sob story, but thanks to amazing people helping us out, we have survived to make it where we are today.  Although money is still tight, we are doing it all on our own and can even buy peanut butter and jelly for our bread!  Whaooo!  So grateful for where we are, but we still have a long way to go before decorating my home ends up on my "to do" list.  Although I do have many crafts I could complete to make my home look a little more like I'd want, as you can tell, it's not happening in this room!  To be completely honest, I use to look at decorating blogs all day long, but all it did was depress me.  Sorry Mandi, but don't dare visit your blog (or many others for that matter) very often for fear I'll start to feel sorry for myself again (not a good thing when life is actually pretty great).  I have it good, a great husband who's working his REAR-END off to get us where we are and not stopping until he gets us where we were 4 1/2 years ago before the bottom fell out!  I would love to redo this office space for him!  As I mentioned earlier, my husband works from home (part-time), he does business from this office as a manager for an insurance company and makes appointments from a closet door desk!  He deserves this more than ANY man I know!  What he's been through in the last four+ years would take up too much of your time, but just know he is my everything and I would do it all over again as long as I was with him!

So by picking me, not only will you make it more feasible for me to make the rest of my house/apartment more like a home, but it would be a great place for my the man in my life as well, who deserves this and so much more!!  

I know I know, I talk/write too much, but there is more to be said here!  It's always been a dream to make over my home!  I know I can do it and make it look fabulicious!  Even as fabulous as Mandi's amazing designs (okay, maybe not that good, but I'd like to think I could get pretty close), I just don't have the funds to do so.  I even lack the tools to do many of the projects I have on my list!  To be completely honest, finding out Lowes was giving you the tools to make all this happen and I would get to keep them is totally the icing on the cake for me!  Oh what I could do with such things!  I actually made a wish list for my husband as a map for gifts, (he's not that great at gift giving) and a large part if it is tools!  

In all honestly, you wouldn't be making over just one room but EVERY room in my house if I won!

Pretty sure I could actually do something with the old blog as well!  I stated it hoping I could turn it something fantastic like Vintage Revivals, but it sadly never happen.  If I won this makeover, I would have the tools I need to get this blog up and running!  Everyone could get something in return!  New ideas, giveaways!  Oh how great would it be to able to give it back!  Pretty please vote for me!