Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blitz Card Holder

I recently started my own business with a company called It Works!  (Check out my BLOG for information).  They have these amazing cards called blitz card, which are used like business cards.  They are ruffly the size of post cards, and I was having a little trouble from keeping them from getting bent up in my purse. So I came up with a bliz card holder!  I love it and had to share!  I wouldn't mind dazzling it up a bit more, but for now it suits my needs!  I thought I'd share my quick tutorial for those in the same business or maybe wanting to use it for something else.  

First I found a mini coupon file at Wal-Mart for about a $1

They have tabs inside, so I removed them.  They tare right out and takes only a few seconds to do it!

I didn't like the accordion sides, so I removed them!

Here's what it looks like after cutting of the extra unneeded plastic.

Then I glued the sides together with a hot glue gun.  Not sure if there's something that might work better, it's just what I happened to have on hand.

 I wasn't too fond of how the sides looked, so I covered them with some ribbon I had on hand.  Once again, I just used my hot glue gun.  It's not exactly gorgeous, but it looks better then before in my opinion.

 I purchased the green coupon holder at Dollar Tree, but it was just a tad bit smaller then the one from Wal-Mart, making it a tight fit on the top.  But I loved the look of the green one SO much better!  I decided to add a little more room at the top by taking off the elastic, and using velcro instead.  I find it makes it more convent then the elastic as well!

 I added some black ribbon to cover up my messy sides. 

There you have it!  A great business card holder for the large size cards! 

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Waseem said...

this is perfect card holder to use for the design of plastic business cards.thanks you share it