Saturday, August 13, 2011

Prego Mom Costume

I usually don't dress up for Halloween, but I saw these last year and HAD to have one!  I couldn't really afford what everyone was asking, so I made my own!  now here I am, sharing!  This was by far the biggest pain in the you know what, but I was thrilled with the way it turned out.  Since I don't have the vinyl cutter I'm dying to get, this project took a few extra steps.  Also, since printers don't print white, iron on printable was out.  So I printed out my template (using 4 sheets of paper) cut it out, attached it to some white fabric (with iron on adhesive I'd previously added), cut out all the fabric pieces, then proceeded to lay them out on my black shirt, then ironed them on!  To keep it from falling off, I plan on sewing around the edges........eventually.  If I had been smart I would have found a white sheet of iron on decal and cut my shapes from that, but it was a little bit of a last minute project on a tight budget, so I used some fabric I already had. 

Like it?  Want it?  Well just go HERE for the download!  I should have added a bow in for a girl, but I didn't.  However, for all you 'do it yourselfers' out there, how cute would a ribbon bow sew on be?!?!?

That's me, sprouting my little boy just three months shy of my due date!

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Andrea said...

So cute! I saw one on Pinterest that had a little bow for a girl.

lasophia said...

This is so cute. My baby will be here by halloween so I dont get to have a pregnant costume haha. But I do get to dress my baby up!


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